Marc Márquez

CB: When did your passion for motorbikes start and how?
MM: “Probably when I was four years old and received my first bike. Or actually, I might have even started my passion for bikes since I was a baby. How? It’s difficult to say but it probably comes from my father and my mother. All my family follows motorbikes so for sure this passion comes from them.”

CB: What is your recipe to be a World Champion?
MM: “To be a world champion you have to sacrifice many things; you have to work hard and try to stay focused all the time. To work hard with the family, with the team and with the persons supporting you.”

CB: Now that you are a World Champion, what has changed?
MM: “At the moment everything is the same. But maybe when I’ll be back home I’ll start to realize a little bit more how it is to be a world champion, because it is something special. At the moment I saw that the media has increased, but anyway, I will try to be the same guy.”

Marc Márquez

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