Dario Sanna, Chef at Alpinestars

Dario Sanna, chef at the Alpinestars hospitality, reveals how riders such as Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Márquez, treat themselves to certain dishes during a race day.
CB: What do riders usually eat on a race day? Does it differ from what they usually eat?
DS: “Usually the riders on a race day eat their habitual dish, which they also have during the week. It can range between different pasta preferences, from amatriciana to bolognese sauce. It is important that the meal they have gives them energy. Only eating plain pasta might lead them to be hungry during the race and lack the proper energy. Almost every rider prefers eating pasta, but some might have a chicken breast or dried beef, and sometimes they might even let themselves go with a filet.”

Dario Sanna

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