Best Paella in Valencia, Spain

La Mejor Paella de Valencia

Located on the edge of the beautiful historical part of Valencia, a ten-minute walk from the city hall, stands a small and welcoming restaurant in one of a shady, partly residential, side streets of the main Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia. The family-run traditional restaurant Racó del Turia has been situated there for 23 years now and has made it to the top 50 of the more than 1400 restaurants in Valencia.

Wood beam ceilings, old Spanish tiles and a mixture of old photos of the city and oil paintings on the walls, make both locals and tourists live the Valencian atmosphere.

For the hungry clients, the variety of ham and cheese as well as fresh fish starters to nibble on would not satisfy their appetite. In contrast, the main dishes are more than abundant, ranging from a typical “paella valenciana” for two or more, to a fine fish or meat steak, accompanied with a delicious glass of wine. However, this would be the wrong place to go if one is vegetarian.

“This paella is so delicious! It’s the best one I’ve ever eaten so far!” said Anna Zerbato, a 19-year-old tourist who came to visit the city for the weekend. “I was recommended to eat at this restaurant from friends of mine who visited Valencia a while ago and from the hotel I am staying in,” she added.

The menus are both offered in English and Spanish. There are waiters who also speak German, English, Italian and French and this makes tourists feel more at ease and able to get the right food. But even if one would not find their way through the detailed menu, indeed, whichever choice of food will be made, it will allow the clients’ stomach to delightfully fill up.

The prices are a bit more expensive than the usual range; one would spend approximately between 17 to 23 euros per person. Understandable given that all ingredients used in the food are fresh.

Welcoming atmosphere of the Racó del Turia restaurant


Racó del Turia
C/ Ciscar 10 – 46005 Valencia, Spain
Phones: +34 963 95 15 25,  +34 679 46 55 99
Open Monday through Sunday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and 8:30pm to 11:30pm
Underground stop: Colón. Ample parking. Free Wi-Fi.

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