U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 7

Tuesday, 29th August 2014 Los Angeles, CA: Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood It's really fun to discover new places during this trip, especially when it gets to the Hollywood scenery. Spending most of the day in the car and driving through Beverly Hills and Bel Air, where most of the famous artists, from singers to... Continue Reading →

U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 6

Monday, 28th July 2014 Las Vegas (NV) - Laguna Beach, Los Angeles (CA) approx. 445 kilometers What a wonderful world. It is really on trips like these where you realize the concept of life and the true beauty of it. Traveling gives time to yourself, to meditate and to give significance to every little thing... Continue Reading →

U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 5

Sunday, 27th July 2014 Grand Canyon (AZ) - Las Vegas (NV) approx. 465 kilometers Long trip today. Even if just under 500 kilometers doesn't sound a lot, we were driving the Route 66, famous for being the first major road to connect the East and the West, at 100 kilometers per hour. That is a really slow speed... Continue Reading →

U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 4

Saturday, 26th July 2014 Grand Canyon (AZ) Clear skies, scorching sun, 30° degrees Celsius and we're off to visit the Canyon with hats and a bottle of water at 11am. It's incredible how, although the temperature is not so high, the UV lights are extremely strong here. While queuing with the motorhome to get into... Continue Reading →

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