U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 1

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014
Denver, CO – Thompson, UT
approx. 535 kilometers

IMG_5130_blogHave you ever thought of getting on a plane that takes you to another continent and rent a motorhome? Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California; these are the states I will be discovering with my family in twenty days. A road trip of approximately 6000 kilometers. It will probably be something like running against the clock as we will be driving about 400 kilometers a day.

Living in a motorhome is intriguing; at arrival, one gets to choose in what bed they’re staying, to unpack all their clothes in small drawers and do the essential grocery shopping for the next couple of days. It is a bit like renting a house in the summer for a couple of weeks with a beautiful view on the sea. But this will be a complete different experience; we’ll be living in a house … on wheels.

“A thrilling, exciting and adventurous trip,” as one may say.

It’s funny how whenever you go to visit new places, you never know what to expect. The only thing that can give you sort of an idea is pictures in Google or descriptions in Wikipedia. If you don’t know the area, this is when you start imagining and fantasize what is going to happen, what you’re going to see and what the people are like. Knowing that the trip will include stops in places such as Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake Valley, just makes you want to continue driving uninterruptedly.

We will be spending the night at a petrol station near Thompson (UT), pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Five to six lorries are parked next to us and will probably leave the place tomorrow morning just like us. Tomorrow’s drive is three and a half hours; we’ll be hitting the road towards Monument Valley (UT).

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