U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 5

Sunday, 27th July 2014
Grand Canyon (AZ) – Las Vegas (NV)
approx. 465 kilometers

Long trip today. Even if just under 500 kilometers doesn’t sound a lot, we were driving the Route 66, famous for being the first major road to connect the East and the West, at 100 kilometers per hour. That is a really slow speed but I can promise you it seemed as if the RV was flying.

After three hours we stopped for a short break as we spotted the Colorado River between the mountains in the desert. It was definitely a bad idea to get off the camper and take pictures. We were all about to have a heart attack because of the heat. We did not have a thermometer but I can guarantee there were around 43° degrees Celsius.

At last, we reached our destination: Las Vegas (NV). After three days of nature, it seemed as if we were in another world. Tall skyscrapers, light signs and music everywhere. Not to forget the Casinos; wherever you looked, whether right, left, up or down, there was one.

What was also interesting to see was the replicas in miniature of Venice, New York, Paris and other cities, which are famous in LV. I really liked walking around the city, but unfortunately, as we got there late in the afternoon we only had a couple of hours so we were almost running to get to see everything (this made me realize that Las Vegas is not that huge, but still, it really is an amazing and lively place to be at).

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