U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 10

Thursday, 31st July 2014
Morro Bay (CA) – San Francisco (CA)
approx. 410 kilometers

The day started off with with some jogging at the beach. Even the fog, the wind and the cold temperature didn’t stop the surfers from going into the water to dominate their surfboards.

Today’s long trip was again along the coast, this time driving the “California State Route 1” all the way up to San Francisco. On our way we had a really nice view from the RV, looking down the steep rocks, to the wavy ocean.

Schermata 08-2456872 alle 07.56.48We did a short and worthwhile stop one-third through our trip, near San Simeon (CA) to look for sea lions, for which that part of the coast is famous for, and to take some pictures. A cold breeze embraced all of us. It did not seem that cold from inside the RV, because the sun was shining at that moment. As soon as we got down the motorhome though, we realized a jumper wasn’t enough to keep us warm.

Whilst continuing our long and curvy trip, when we got back on a straight track and were passing through several villages, we found a fluffy and sympathetic guy traveling onboard of a red cabriolet. …it’s funny what you get to see when traveling!

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