U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 9

Thursday, 31st July 2014
Laguna Beach (CA) – Morro Bay (CA)
approx. 510 kilometers

Sun, beach and waves. That’s all you need in California. The movies on screens that represent the typical West Coast life, is what I’ve experienced today. A surf suit and a surf table, and everyone’s off in the ocean, enjoying the waves and the good life. This is what you experience in California, and there’s nothing to say against.

This state is definitely a summer paradise for the U.S. people. And so it is for me.

We’ve been getting the four wheels on the go the whole day, direction North, but the trip was such a beauty as we drove along the coast.

Half way through our trip, we stopped near the beach to refresh ourselves in the water. Now I can say: I swam in the Pacific Ocean. The coolest thing was to fight against the tall and aggressive waves, as well as having surfers all around flying over them.

In the late afternoon we got to our destination, which is actually a stop-over between Los Angeles (CA) and San Francisco (CA), where we’ll be heading tomorrow. We spent all the afternoon and evening on the beach. We went jogging, took pictures and loved being surrounded by nature.

This is the life. Enjoying every second of it.

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