U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 11

Saturday, 2nd August 2014
San Francisco (CA)

If someone asks me about my experience in San Francisco, the first thing I will say is: cold and foggy.

The cold breeze and covered sky is typical of the city, but this didn’t help the situation. Four days ago we were standing in the desert with 43° degrees Celsius in Las Vegas, and suddenly we get to a lovely 15° degrees Celsius in San Francisco. I was freezing.

We left the RV with jumpers, coats and scarves, but still, that wasn’t enough to keep us warm. Luckily I had the brilliant idea to buy a pair of Nike joggers, and without thinking about it twice, I wore them on top of my jeans – good idea; at least I was sort of warm.

We walked through China Town, and then got to Union Square. At this point we couldn’t avoid doing some shopping and got out of the malls and shops with several bags. This meant: go for our sightseeing tour with the heavy shopping bags.

We were quite tired after the several malls, so we decided to get on the Cable Car which brought us to the other side of the city center, to the port. However, we waited in a queue for two and a half hours (with the cold temperature being our best friend).

Our lifesaver was a good hot tea at Starbucks, which gave us strength to continue our afternoon walk to discover the city.

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