U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 12

Sunday, 3rd August 2014
San Francisco, CA – Reno, NV
approx. 435 kilometers

The first attraction we visited today was one of the most famous symbols of San Francisco, namely the 2.73 kilometer long Golden Bridge. It was foggy again, but not as cold as the day before. It was quite spooky to see the two bridge tower-tops covered by the misty fog. It really seemed like a mysterious bridge from close-up.

While continuing our journey North-East, we headed towards Napa Valley (CA), a region very well-known for the Californian wine. The scenery was lovely: hills all around, poplars and pines everywhere, and straight lined-up vineyards. It very much reminded me of places I’ve been to very often in Italy, namely the countryside in Verona and the whole region of Tuscany. I very much felt at home.

After having a lovely and relaxing lunch in the RV surrounded by vineyards, we continued our journey direction Denver. Even though our plan for today was to drive only 120 kilometers, we decided to follow on, as in the next three days, to get to our final destination, we still had 1740 kilometers to go.

This is a long road trip in such short time, but we are really making the best out of it; enjoying every moment and every landscapes nature has to offer us.

Around 8:00pm and a longer trip than planned, we got to Reno (NV) and parked next to Lake Truckee, with a wonderful view and sunset that accompanied us in our sleep.

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