U.S.A. Road Trip – Day 13

Monday, 4th August 2014
Reno (NV) – Salt Lake City (UT)
880 kilometers

It is 7:30am and we’re off with our motorhome to spend most of the day on the road. A long journey was awaiting us, so I thought it was a good idea to still stay in bed for a while.

As we we drove the Route 86 East, and most of it was all straight and almost deserted, I spent a lot of time reading. Luckily time passed quite quickly this way.

After infinite hours of a straight highway, we got to our final destination of the day: Salt Lake City (UT). Not to forget that it was raining during most of today’s trip. It seems as if the bad weather of San Francisco is following us. We’ve only seen one hour of sunshine.

Just before arrival our attention got caught by the salt dunes and the white lake. There was salt everywhere, which comes from the minerals that are dissolved in the water that runs into the lake. In fact, as the water evaporates, the minerals, namely the salt, are left behind.

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