Yvoire: “One of the most beautiful villages in France”

Autumn is upon us. Trees are undressing, and leaves are slowly dying.

Regardless the cold season approaching,  Yvoire (FR) is a perfect place to visit.

It is located at the tip of the Leman peninsula. A medieval village known for its beautiful flower decorations, the friendly inhabitants and the stunning architecture.

Easy to access via car, bus or boat (from Nyon or Geneva) – definitely a worthwhile town to visit.

Autumn vibes. 🍁

Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.51.26 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.51.56 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.52.08 

La maison de l'oiseau. 🏡
La maison de l’oiseau. 🏡

Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.52.58 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.53.09Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.53.19 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.54.15

Le château d’Yvoire

Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.54.36 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.55.25 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.56.13 Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.56.38

Les parapluies. ☔️

Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.57.41

Une cachette secrète.✨

Schermata 10-2456951 alle 22.58.07 

Au fond de chacun de nous, il y a l’enfant qu’on était. 👶

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