FIM President talks about MotoGP 2016-2021

The MotoGP Championship has been working on creating a stable future over the next five years with key measures being undertaken in terms of economic, technical and sporting rules. To this effect an agreement has now been made between the FIM, Dorna, IRTA and the manufacturers, in order to set out the rules and to establish a clear working strategy for the following seasons.

Barring the need for alterations on the grounds of safety, technical and sporting changes will be kept to a minimum over the coming years. Starting from 2017 there will be six manufacturers who will participate in MotoGP: Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha, each who will have the right to take part in the championship with two official riders and will also be required to provide a minimum of two, and a maximum of four, motorcycles in the market place for satellite teams. This will determine the total number of riders in the series, which will be a minimum of 22 and a maximum of 24.

In terms of the economic side, Dorna has made an agreement with the manufacturers that will see its contribution increase by 30% between 2016 and 2017.

FIM president, Vito Ippolito at the press conference held during the Motul TT Assen Grand Prix. Photo credit: ©FIM/Mateusz Jagielski

FIM President, Vito Ippolito added: “What satisfies me the most is that by working closely together with Dorna and IRTA over the last years, we have achieved a strong understanding of each other, allowing us to head in the same direction and to achieve the best results. We must not hide that since the difficult economic situation in 2008 it has made it more challenging, but through our strong understanding and cooperation we have still achieved a high level in terms of spectacular racing, which is reflected in today’s large number of spectators and extensive global TV audience.”

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