-50 days: World Tour in 80 Days with 100% Electric Cars

Carolina and Federico will participate in a rally around the world; crossing 20 nations and covering 20,000km with our electric car Tesla P90D. We will try to complete the tour around the globe in 80 days, like in the famous novel of Jules Verne; but this time substituting the imaginary hot air balloon of the French writer with real cars powered only by electricity, without any follower or assistance on the way.

12 international teams from 8 nations will take part in the 80edays.

We are the Team Italia (the only Italian team), made up of two members: Federico/Fri as pilot and Carolina as co-pilot and communications manager. We hope to teach the world a lesson: to sensitize the world’s public opinion on the environmental issues and sustainability, demonstrating that it is possible to drive around the world with an electric car.

There are exactly 50 days to go to the start on June 16 from Barcelona. There are many things that need to be managed with care for this fantastic experience and we are still working on them, but we will be able to overcome these obstacles. Since August of last year the itinerary is being carefully examined in order not to encounter any charging difficulties on the way (for which the 20 different adapters will have to compensate in case). The demanding route has been studied and analyzed, especially the difficulties of transit in China, the path to the South of the Gobi Desert with 55°C in the shadow, the route in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia and Moldavia. Whereas, in the meantime, the two international driving licenses, the Visas and the vaccines have been done.

We have activated our website www.80edaysteamitalia.com and social media channels (FacebookInstagram e Twitter) of which Carolina is responsible for: “These tools are essential for us to share with the world, family, friends and sponsors, this fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through these we want our friends to feel as if they are ‘on board’ with us.”

Already now we see a huge interest from everyone, including the press. Carolina’s photographs will guarantee the collection of these photographic materials, videos and interviews that will be published almost daily on our social media channels and website.

So, follow us during our adventure and let us have your comments on: @80edays_teamitalia.

Electrifying regards,

Federico/Fri & Carolina

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