The odyssey of Team Italia continues during the world tour in 80 days with 100% electric cars

The welcoming of all participating teams of 80edays at the TV station CTV Morning Live Atlantic, the hours spent at the camping places to charge the cars (at one leg even using the plug of a washing machine), the curious faces of the pedestrians and the applauses of some Italians at Times Square in New York. This is more than a fantastic experience that for sure requires lucidity and planning. Having to combine the kilometers with the days it is essential to study the itinerary with strategy.

The breathtaking landscapes during the way or the satisfaction of positioning one’s own car, with Italian license plate, at Times Square and in front of the Empire State Building, are only a few satisfactions of this trip. One thing is for sure: the solidarity built between the members in the team and especially between all teams is one of the greatest results. In the online chat shared between the adventurers of 80edays there is a continuous flow of messages for suggestions of charging stations and the most adapted itineraries to take, or even SOS requests because the battery of a Team is at 4% and they do not know where to charge, and then immediately one of the teams that jumps in to rescue them.

June 23: {Calais, ME – Boston, MA} Long legs and no charging stations direction Boston. Five teams found themselves charging at a camping place in Hampton, NH as they had to rely on a washing machine plug on where an emergency connection was made [].

June 24: {Boston, MA – New York, NY} The sunset between New York’s skyscrapers welcomed Team Italia.

June 25: {New York, NY – Hamilton, NJ} In the morning Team Italia’s vehicle is picked up, as a further installation has been mounted in order to accelerate the slow charging. A brief stop in front of the Italian Embassy of the United Nations and the Team headed direction Times Square. In the crowded passage of tourists, the car has been recognized by some Italians shouting “Italia, Italia!” and handclaps have joyed and encouraged the Italian Team. The trip continued to the Empire State Building and finally towards Washington DC.

At night, some hundreds of kilometers before the metropolis, a charging station has been found. Unluckily there were no hotels available within 50 Km. The only solution was to sleep in the car and mount a tent on the asphalt of a parking. A nightmare.

June 26-27: {Hamilton, NJ – Washington, DC – Columbus, OH} A total of 1,030 Km have been achieved. Scheduled to arrive in Missouri late at night on Tuesday 28.

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