Team Italia involved in a tremendous Tornado in Kansas during the 14th day of 80edays and survives the 50°C in Death Valley, CA

A broken air-conditioning and unbearable temperatures. An accusation with a gun. An emergency alarm for the presence of a tornado and the difficulty of finding shelter. The fascinating landscapes of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. To end the week in the best way: a stunning sunset at Grand Canyon National Park, half a day spent in Las Vegas and 50°C in Death Valley in California. In the meantime, an additional 2490Km have been traveled in these five days.

June 29: {Kansas City, MO – Goodland, KS – Denver, CO} An adventurous day for Team Italia. The first big fright late in the morning: the breaking down of the air conditioning 60Km before the next charging spot, while the outside temperature is at 33°C with significant humidity. At arrival the Team finds a bit of shade behind a parked truck, searching for a solution to the problem. While disassembling the front trunk, the driver of the vehicle comes closer and points a gun at Team Italia and Team Germany, accusing them to leave. Extremely frightened and trembling, the front parts of the car have been put back together and escaped immediately.

To end the adventurous day, 100Km before Denver, towards the evening, an additional panic. From afar dense black clouds are sighted and all of a sudden an emergency alarm on the mobile devices: “Tornado in arrival, seek shelter immediately.” With difficulty, Team Italia manages to find a gas station where the sheltered zones were already occupied by other vehicles. Torrential rain, extreme winds, hail and an increased water height. After 45 minutes the storm was over and the Italian team continued their journey towards Denver, still pale due to the shock.

June 30: {Denver, CO – Albuquerque, NM} A day without any complications for Team Italia, which during the day covered 745Km heading direction South.

July 1: {Albuquerque, NM – Grand Canyon, AZ} A charming trip through Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, and a wonderful sunset at Grand Canyon National Park.

July 2: {Flagstaff, AZ – Las Vegas, NV} After fascinating sceneries and landscapes in Arizona, Team Italia enters Nevada and heads to the famous Hoover Dam, of which generators provide power in Nevada, Arizona and California. Here the car is surrounded by tourists interested in receiving information about the vehicle and their world tour.

July 3: {Las Vegas, NV – Death Valley, CA – Bishop, CA} Temperatures of 50°C in Death Valley in California. This is how the afternoon was spent together with Team Germany III and Team Switzerland II. Next destination: San Francisco.

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