8,765 Km traveled in the USA & 15 hours of flight: Team Italia arrives in Guangzhou, China

An event organized by Tesla Motors at the headquarters in Fremont, California. The adrenaline to hand over the cars on time to the agents of Los Angeles airport and the worry that they will all reach overseas without any problems. Emotions and feelings that are part of a long and adventurous trip; hence, the Teams are all working very hard together to achieve and make the best out of this experience.

July 4: {Yosemite National Park, CA – San Francisco, CA} For work commitments Gianluca leaves Team Italia and Carolina becomes copilot. A drive through the fascinating Yosemite National Park and a welcoming in the evening in San Francisco with fog, 12°C and fireworks for America’s Independence Day for Team Italia, Team Germany III and Team Switzerland II.

July 5: {San Francisco, CA – Fremont, CA} All Teams of 80edays are invited to one of the most elegant villas in San Francisco for a pleasant BBQ and a get-together, which did not happen since the arrival of the Teams in Halifax. Following, a very interesting visit at Tesla Motors headquarters in Fremont, California – the 22 participants of the world tour have been shown around the mainly computerized fabric with an electric train. At the end of the day an invitation by Team China in an Asian restaurant, where the Chinese TV has interviewed Team Italia.

July 6: {San Francisco, CA – Buellton, CA} A gentle breeze of saline water and a wonderful trip along the Pacific Coast, where around Monterey, a town famous for the residence of Clint Eastwood, hundreds of marine seals have been sighted.

July 7: {Oknard, CA – Los Angeles, CA} Crossing Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, famous beaches of the West Coast, Team Italia, accompanied by Team Germany III, is welcomed in the busy streets of Los Angeles. Despite a police on his motorcycle that sends the two Teams away due to prohibited parking, they still manage to take a picture with the cars and the famous Hollywood sign.

July 8: {Los Angeles, CA} Nervousness and worries. The air company that was supposed to transport the cars to China cancels the flight. Fortunately, another company proposes to transport the cars to Guangzhou, and therefore leave the American territory.

July 9: {Los Angeles, CA} A relaxing day at the beach and a tour through Los Angeles.

July 10-11: {Los Angeles, CA – Guangzhou, Cina} 15 hours of flight for the teams, which will have to stay in Guangzhou for some days to register their cars and do the Chinese driving license. The arrival of the vehicles is confirmed for July 13.China Southern.jpgIMG_6300-3.jpg

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