After 7 days in Guangzhou, the Teams start their journey through Asia

An intense week full of difficulties. The permits are extremely complicated and slow to obtain, making the Teams lose important days to reach their goal: drive around in 80 days. The lost time will have to be recovered during the next weeks with intense hours of driving every day. Guangzhou counts with 13 million inhabitants, a chaotic, intense and dangerous traffic. Furthermore, this is the monsoon period, during which rain and sunshine alternate every day, with 34°C and 98% humidity.

July 11 {Guangzhou, China} Arrival of the Teams in Guangzhou with China Southern Airlines, which upgraded all 80edays members for the 15 hours’ flight.

July 12 {Guangzhou, China} Customs gives permission to the Teams to pick up the cars at the airport. Under a strong rain the vehicles direct themselves one behind the other towards the city center of Guangzhou. In the chaotic traffic Team Italia and Team USA lose sight of the Chinese guide and get lost in the middle of the unknown city. Still not having the Chinese GPS available, the two Teams are found three hours after and are brought back to the hotel.

July 13 {Guangzhou, China} The entire day is dedicated to obtain the Chinese driving license. Passport picture, medical control, a long video in Chinese without subtitles in which the driving rules are taught, and after about 5 hours, all members pass the exam.

July 14 {Guangzhou, China} Event at the Canton Tower organized by Team China; 1,800 participants and many TV stations. Team Italia is interviewed several times.

July 15 {Guangzhou, China} The entire day is spent at the motorization to check the cars: breaks, lights, indicators and the emergency triangle. Bad luck for Team Italia that is rejected, as the authorities were hardly convinced that the Italian Tesla is a seven seater rather than five. The Team has to therefore present itself on Monday morning for a further check up.

July 16 {Guangzhou, China} Day of relax.

July 17 {Guangzhou, China} A long wait during the day for the handing over of the suitcases that did not travel in the cars but were transported in a separate container.

July 18 {Guangzhou, China} Day of relax and handing over of the personal luggage.

July 19 {Guangzhou – Changsha, Cina} Car plates are handed over and the Teams leave for Changsha, 700 kilometers North.


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