Team Italia drives 2,243 Km through Kazakhstan with difficulty

After six long hours of wait at the border between China and Kazakhstan, Team Italia begins one of the most difficult legs of the entire trip: driving on the catastrophic roads of Kazakhstan. Deep holes of 35 centimeters and sudden hundreds of kilometers of steppe without any villages in sight. Fortunately, the car of Team Italia did not suffer any particular damages driving long distances at 15 Km/h. It is Team Czech Republic that experienced damage to the supporting axe twice, and Team China that has had three flat tires and consequently severe damage to the rims.

July 30: {Korghos, China – Almati, Kazakhstan} Overlooking the disastrous quality of the roads and the extremely reduced speed, Team Italia, together with Team Austria and Czech Republic, travels through spectacular scenery of the steppe, hills and mountains, as well as grazing horses, cows and camels. The Teams are accompanied by a breathtaking sunset until the arrival at the ex-capital of Kazakhstan: Almaty.

July 30: {Almaty, Kazakhstan} Twenty-four-hours of deserved rest, after a previous day that has been extremely difficult and tiring due to the conditions of the streets. Unfortunately, the entire day of rain and fog cover the valley and the surrounding mountains of Almaty.

August 1: {Almaty – Balkhash, Kazakhstan} During the 666 kilometers, Team Italia is accompanied by a beautiful sunshine, facilitating the sighting of the deep holes. Halfway through the trip, a gas station is found and with the help of the phone application “Translator,” electricity for the cars of Team Italia and Team Austria are requested.

In the meantime, after 130 kilometers from Almaty, Team Czech Republic brakes the supporting axe, prohibiting them to continue their trip (for ever, or only for some days?) Through Tesla Club Kazakhstan a tow truck is organized and brings them back to Almaty, trying to repair the car the same night.

August 2: {Balkhash – Astana, Kazakhstan} About 614 kilometers through infinite steppe. In the late afternoon the arrival in the modern capital of Kazakhstan: Astana. The city is preparing itself for the 2017 World Expo: many new roads are under construction, whereas the current ones are being repaired. Of particular interest: the Nur-Astana Mosque, the Governmental Palace, the National Museum and the symbol of the city: the Bayterek Tower.

In the morning the car of the Czechs is repaired and, after only driving for 100 meters, the supporting axe breaks again, obliging the Team to wait for two-and-a-half more days, losing precious days.

August 3: {Astana, Kazakhstan} A relaxing day and a visit to several palaces. August 4: {Astana – Petropavlosk, Kazakhstan} Unpaved and undriveable streets for 513 kilometers.

August 5: {Petropavlosk – Chelyabinsk, Russia} All the Teams reunite at the border between Kazakhstan and Russia, having to wait only for three hours for the documents and cars control; nothing to do with the complication at the Chinese border.

August 6: {Chelyabinsk – Ufa, Russia} Team Italia arrives in Ufa in the evening after driving 410 kilometers on mediocre streets, but with intense traffic of trucks that overtake at high speeds.

August 7: {Ufa – Kazan, Russia} A very similar day to the preceding one; infinite fields of corn in full threshing with enormous and antique machines. In the meantime, the entering into the Republic of Tatastan. The diversity of this State is remarkable; which wanted to become independent at the beginning of the nineties, after the shatter of Russia.

August 8: {Kazan – Nitzny Noygoroy, Russia} With 526 kilometers and minor traffic on the narrow state roads, the arrival in the city.

August 9: {Nitzny Noygoroy – Moscow, Russia} The arrival in the Russian capital, Moscow, before driving to Riga in Latvia.

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