Team Italia passes the border of the ex Iron Curtain, after driving 2,967 Km through Russia

After Moscow, Team Italia leaves the Russian border to finally enter the European Union countries, passing through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.

August 10: {Moscow, Russia} Finally some days of relax. The cars of four Teams (Italia, Austria, Switzerland II, USA) are charged under the bridge, which from their Hotel Baltschug Kempinski brings to the Red Square. The Electrical State Grid Rossieti purposely installed four sockets to facilitate the charging process. A delicious lunch at the famous restaurant Dr. Zhivago for the Teams to recover some energies.

August 11: {Rzhev – Velekiye Luki, Russia} Great enthusiasm of Italian tourists for Team Italia as they were leaving their hotel in Moscow. They have heard about the 80edays in the prestigious Italian car magazine Quattroruote. During the trip to Velekiye Luki the car, driven by Carolina, is stopped by a police who arrogantly asks for various documents, including the permit of exportation of the car. Strangely, this time no “tips” were asked. During the day a total of 490 kilometers are traveled.

August 12: {Riga, Latvia} After 2,967 kilometers in Russia, the arrival at the border with Latvia. Not a long queue but a very long wait to exit Russia, as well as to enter the Baltic country. After almost five hours at the border, Team Italia continues its journey and arrives in Riga in the evening, after 468 kilometers.

August 13: {Riga, Latvia} A great day of celebration of the 850 years of the foundation of Riga. Unfortunately, the heavy rain prohibited some Teams to enjoy the walks in the outside.

August 14: {Vilnius, Lithuania} After 394 kilometers in Latvia, Team Italia arrives in Vilnius, Lithuania with splendid sunshine.

August 15: {Białystok, Poland} The arrival in Poland, where the Teams are warmly welcomed and invited to a delicious dinner. Total kilometers traveled: 311.

August 16: {BiałystokLodzWrocław Poland} Before the departure to Wrocław, the city of Białystok organizes, with numerous TV and journalists, an event in the pedestrian area. After 579 kilometers, the arrival in the evening at the hotel.

August 17: {Wrocław, Poland – Czech Republic – Vienna, Austria} A wonderful journey on the state roads and the arrival in Vienna in the evening after 577 kilometers. Team Italia left the Austrian capital in the morning of June 10, therefore completing the “world tour” in 69 days. Great joy from Carolina and Federico; this is for sure a great record for them!

August 18 – 22: {Vienna, Austria} Deserved days of relax for the members of Team Italia who wait for the other Teams to continue their journey to Barcelona, and to pass the cities of Prague, Munich, Zürich and to arrive in Italy on August 30.

August 22: {Freistadt, Austria} The rendezvous with all teams in the Austrian town, and an interesting visit at Kreisel Electric – a company that creates prototypes of cars that run on electric energy.

August 23: {Wachau, Austria – Czech Republic} A delicious lunch, kindly offered by Team Austria on a hill facing the Danube, with a beautiful scenery of the Austrian valley. In the afternoon the departure to Czech Republic.

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