Exactly one week ago, on September 4 at 13:35pm, Carolina and Federico Bianchi of Team Italia crossed the finish line at the Arco de Triunfo in Barcelona, Spain. They are now world record holders for having traveled 28.749 kilometres in 80 days around the world with their electric car, Tesla Model S. (On a personal record, Team Italia has travelled the world in 69 days leaving from Vienna on June 10 and getting back to the Austrian capital on August 17, 2016).

During this trip many challenges have been faced, such as driving up to 850 kilometers a day with two/three daily charges, the bad roads in Asia, the extreme high temperatures and humidity, the fatigue accumulated day-by-day, etc.

This has however been a once in a lifetime experience for both members of the Italian Team. Meeting new people around the planet, getting to know their culture, seeing breathtaking landscapes and this by not polluting the planet, is an example to be taken.

Carolina and Federico would like to thank their family, friends, partners (AscotradeEurop AssistanceThink PinkTIMNRGkickRemorImmagicGroupDegnFilmLeStoff) and fans for supporting them during their challenging adventure around the world. They would like to encourage everyone to be aware that we all live on the same planet, and it is essential to take extreme care of it; for a better living for ourselves and for our children.

In the next months the Italian Team will be writing a book about their incredible experience, which will be published in a near future. In the meantime, for any questions or comments, please feel free to write an email to or follow the official Facebook page:

If interested in panel discussions, TV or radio interviews please contact:

Carolina +39 327 7 97 98 98
Federico +39 335 7 082 082

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