Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand

It is especially during this lockdown period that I reminisce about all the lovely places I’ve travelled to around the world. One should definitely take nothing for granted, as now we dream of going to places that before seemed normal traveling to.
I’d like to share with you my one week trip to Thailand in October 2018, and for you to indulge into my pictures of this lovely country. 🇹🇭

: crazy traffic, nightlife and a lot of street food to enjoy. One of the biggest, most famous and main temples to visit in the capital of Thailand is the Wat Pho temple (entrance: 100 THB, 2.80 EUR). It is worldwide renowned for its 46 meter long Reclining Buddha, covered in gold leaf.

Wat Pho is also a great place to discover your inner peace, which is something you would not imagine in midst of frantic Bangkok. You will experience the monks going through their chanting rituals, which even only by watching, allows your heart to come to peace – it is a lovely feeling. Also, don’t forget to be respectful: be silent and cover your shoulders when there.

Another culinary experience one must not miss out on are the floating markets of Bangkok. You can navigate the canals with a boat you can rent out for with a guide, and visit the floating markets around the city. This allows one to appreciate the life and culture of ordinary Thai people.

Twinpalms Phuket Resort
Next stop: Phuket. A calm and secluded tropical oasis can be found on Phuket’s west coast, 25 kilometers from Mai Khao (Phuket’s International Airport). The Twinpalms Phuket boutique hotel is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is set in a fairytale-like tropical ambience with a contemporary and stylish layout, within a short walk from Surin Beach.

Green Elephant Sanctuary Park – PHUKET
Ever dreamt of scrubbing and taking a bath with (very happy) elephants? I have, and finally it happened. The Green Elephant Sanctuary Park is located in the North-Western part of the island and it allows you to live an unforgettable experience with elephants that have been mistreated in the past (circus, tourist tours, …) and who now are happy creatures.

The tour is very detailed and very interesting: you receive information about the vision of the park and the past of the elephants. Then you get to feed them, enjoy a mud spa pool and an XXL fresh water shower with big brushes to scrub off the mud. Fantastic! After the hard work, a delicious Thai Buffet is served. The entrance to the park is 2.500 THB (70 EUR) – fair price for what you get to experience.

is one of the most popular areas of Phuket. It is very well known for its 3 kilometer long sandy beach, as well as the bars, cafés and crazy night life. A good idea before having some glasses too many, would be to go and visit the night markets in the center of the town.

Delicious Thai food
Thai food has probably become one of my favorite until now. It is mainly known for the fresh use of herbs and spices. Even though I am not a fan of spicy food (Thai people tend to cook their dishes with a lot of it), you can always ask for non-spicy and you will get a minimum of it.

As you can see from the representation of the dishes, the first 4 dishes have been ordered at Twinpalms Phuket, the other 3 at the street markets in Bangkok. Every plate is extremely rich and be sure to let your taste buds go on a little trip. My favorite Thai dishes are:
– Starter: Papaya salad
– Main: Pad Thai
– Desert: Mango sticky rice

Finally, make sure to rent out a boat and a guide, and discover the hidden treasures along the Thai islands: crystal clear waters and breathtaking sunsets. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat.

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