An escape to the Maldives

When someone says Maldives, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me it is: paradise. 🏝️

Mesmerizing sandy white beaches, pristine blue waters, a colorful underwater world and its coral islands sprawled across the Indian Ocean… all you can do is dream!

The Maldives is a typical escape for love birds during their honeymoon or calm family holidays. There is not much cultural activities to do except for water sports, snorkeling or scuba diving, working on your tan, eating fresh exotic food and also to be in awe when admiring and swimming in crystal clear waters – just like in a swimming pool! 🏊

Do not forget that the Halhangu monsoon season with extreme heavy rainfalls, rough seas and strong winds is usually between May and approximately October. This is probably not the best time to visit the islands, however, do expect wonderful sunsets with beautiful burning colors once the worst is over.

While the sky is about to turn into a colorful paint palette, around 6:00pm, at the Sun Siyam Vilu Reef stingrays get fed by the staff of the resort with fresh fish. It is quite of a show as you also get to assist little curious sharks wondering around and hoping to get fed too. 🐠🦈

There are many beautiful places to visit on the planet, but the Maldives will definitely be one of your favorite! Just enjoy and relax if you get the opportunity to go there! ☀️

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