Greek paradise – island hopping

Many people have been seeking a little summer escape to shake off the bad vibes and stress corona has caused. Greece has for sure sparked interest of many Europeans who have been looking for sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Best time to travel here is between May and October. AthensA two day visit in Athens... Continue Reading →

Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand

It is especially during this lockdown period that I reminisce about all the lovely places I've travelled to around the world. One should definitely take nothing for granted, as now we dream of going to places that before seemed normal traveling to.I'd like to share with you my one week trip to Thailand in October... Continue Reading →

Easter in Prague

Easter 2020 is definitely different than any year. People locked-up in their homes, others walking through the streets with masks.. #COVID-19 is not making it easy for anyone. However, now that the world is on lockdown it is probably the best moment to do what we usually never have the time for (those who can);... Continue Reading →

Venice Carnival

"Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water." - Frida Giannini Venice holds its fabulous carnival from January 23rd to February 9th this year. It's a beautiful time of the year where the city comes to life with costumes, decorations, parades, events and delicious food. The Venice Carnival... Continue Reading →

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