Annecy (FR) & its Autumn vibes

Walking around a city you don't know so well, especially on a bright and sunny Autumn day, will particularly attract one's attention and happiness. This is all it takes: wonder around. Let yourself be dragged by your curiosity. Appreciate all the things around you.  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL, Malaysia 22-25/10/2015 30°C - 90% humidity. When you first get here, especially if you're coming from a European city where at the moment the thermometer reaches maximum 12°C, it feels like you're melting. Nevertheless, the warm temperatures and people give you a pleasant welcoming. Enjoy the pictures of Kuala Lumpur, especially its fascinating Petronas... Continue Reading →

Bern in detail

Switzerland's capital Bern is one of UNESCO's heritage sites (since 1983) and offers many medieval giveaways. The six kilometers of shopping promenade makes it one of Europe's longest ones, home to many local stores. This city offers an entire richness and wealth of culture, leisure and entertainment. Easy to relax and enjoy oneself on a... Continue Reading →

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