Dani Pedrosa (Video Interview)

Dani Pedrosa reveals his physical and psychological preparation before and during the MotoGP season, as well as the relationship with his teammate and fans. This is an interview I conducted in Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo (Valencia, Spain) in 2013. You can view the video below: http://youtu.be/R6keZ0368As

Dani Pedrosa

CB: What is your preparation, before the season and during the season, physically and psychologically? DP: “It seems like a separate package, but it is completely one package. Your mind sets up before the season or during the season, also depending a lot on how you feel physically or how you work during the week... Continue Reading →

CB: What goes around your head when you put down the visor of your helmet? SR: "For me as a rider, when I put down the visor I concentrate a lot on getting focused into that one zone; thinking more on what my strategy is going to be or how I am going to improve... Continue Reading →

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